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Today, Rolls-Royce is ready to reveal the next major development on its luxury leadership and client relationship journey. Rolls-Royce is delighted to announce that its new flagship residence in the heart of London's Mayfair is now open and ready to welcome clients past, present and future.

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  • Rolls-Royce Motor Cars announces further development of brand from automotive manufacturer to House of Luxury
  • New developments consolidate the pinnacle position of the brand as a House of Luxury
  • Recently announced new brand identity being introduced in major showrooms worldwide
  • New flagship store opens in London’s Mayfair while Shanghai boutique reopens in new visual identity, signifying importance of China market    
  • New visual language will resonate with younger demographic of clients
  • Move reflects increasing demand for the marque’s pinnacle products
  • New environment provides a relaxed and immersive client experience
  • Interior is inspired by Galleria-style shopping and includes Atelier commissioning suite and lounge area with Cabinet of Curiosity feature and Speakeasy Bar, all complemented by a wealth of innovative digital technology and lighting installations.

"Over the past few years, we have been repositioning our brand and company as a House of Luxury, distinct from an automotive manufacturer. Our products are individual commissions by singular clients who expect the very best in all products they purchase. We now begin the process of bringing our recently announced new visual identity to life.

“The opening of a new Rolls-Royce dealership is always a great moment for us; and as a brand founded and based in Great Britain, London has a key role to play in our global presence. The timing of the opening of our new flagship store, which proudly displays our new visual identity is particularly apt, coinciding, as it does, with the re-opening of UK retail following the recent lockdown. The concurrent opening of our new re-designed boutique in Shanghai, acknowledges the importance of the China market to our business.

“Now, with the opening of our new flagship residence in London, and our showroom in Shanghai, we are able to present our unique products in the surroundings of a luxurious boutique, befitting of Rolls-Royce’s position as the manufacturer of the world’s most precious luxury goods."
Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

In August 2020, Rolls-Royce revealed a new visual language of luxury with the introduction of a highly contemporary, fresh brand identity for the marque. Its design and execution was driven by the brand’s ever-younger client demographic, their lifestyle and the luxury world that surrounds them, and has subsequently proved to be the perfect platform to showcase the remarkable products and experiences created at the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, West Sussex. The new visual identity was warmly received by clients and the company’s global dealer network, while enjoying worldwide accolades in the media.

The brand’s new visual identity is the latest impulse in the development of Rolls-Royce as a House of Luxury, distinct from an automotive manufacturer which has been underway for a number of years.

Rolls-Royce clients are part of an illustrious community that rightly expects only the very best from the brands they interact with. Products, experiences, service, quality and personal attention are all facets of their expectations. Rolls-Royce has a deep understanding of its clients, their needs and expectations. The company’s relationship with clients transcends a mere transaction, becoming, over time, a hyper-personalised, one-to-one relationship characterised by high-touch encounters during which clients are invited to draw closer to the brand, along the way gaining exclusive knowledge and insights.

Today, Rolls-Royce is ready to reveal the next major development on its luxury leadership and client relationship journey.

Rolls-Royce is delighted to announce that its new flagship residence in the heart of London's Mayfair is now open and ready to welcome clients past, present and future.

The new showroom, which is located at Berkeley Street, W1, provides much-needed additional space compared with the marque's previous, rather cramped location on nearby Berkeley Square. The move has also provided an opportunity to create a wholly immersive client experience in line with Rolls-Royce's continuing evolution as a true global luxury goods brand.

The new, enhanced client experience begins literally at the front door, which is modelled on Rolls-Royce’s famous Pantheon grille and provides a discreet, tantalising glimpse of what lies within. The doorway is topped by an uplit Spirit of Ecstasy, produced by the same maker as the iconic figurine that graces every Rolls-Royce motor car. After hours, video projections displayed in the windows, to the right of the door, create the illusion of continuing life and activity inside.

The interior concept is based on a luxury Galleria shopping experience. Each Rolls-Royce model enjoys its own dedicated space, framed and presented according to its distinctive personality and identity. A kinetic lighting arrangement illuminates the area in which clients take delivery of their commission, using different sequences and orientations to create an engaging atmosphere, dependent on the model.

The lounge area features a ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’, displaying intriguing objects and pieces designed to spark ideas and conversations as part of the commissioning process. Discussions can also take place in the 'Speakeasy' bar to the rear of the store. Like its Prohibition-era namesake, this is a relaxed, comfortable and secluded space where clients can mix and socialise. More private still, is the Brand Director’s office, which includes a cutting-edge configurator for finalising specifications.

The true heart of the store is the Atelier, which houses samples of surface finishes, wood veneers, leathers, embroidery threads and numerous lambswool samples and fabrics. Other options on view include convertible hood fabrics and headliners, plus wheel options. The surface finish samples are presented in the familiar Rolls-Royce speedform shape that makes it easy to envisage two-tone colour combinations; the leathers are rolled on wands with handles from the iconic Rolls-Royce umbrellas, while the veneers are shaped like the cross-section of an aerofoil, recalling The Hon Charles Rolls' exploits in aviation. The sculpted wood presentation table is loosely modelled on the profile line of Wraith, with the grain directing attention towards the configurator screen.

In another nod to history, albeit more recent, the social space within the Atelier is known as the Library. This is a reference to the code-name given to the design studio where the first Phantom was created in the early 2000s, as Rolls-Royce Motor Cars came into BMW Group ownership.

This newly developed visual concept extends to the Rolls-Royce showroom in Shanghai, China.  This important dealership has likewise been fully re-designed and reflects of the marque’s continuing success in China and marks the worldwide roll-out of the new concept to all global Rolls-Royce dealerships.

Claus Andersen, Brand Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London, "Our new London flagship is a perfect embodiment of our brand: completely contemporary, effortless and in tune with our  clients' tastes, requirements and expectations, yet fully aligned to our unique heritage and values. We look forward to welcoming new and existing clients and sharing an authentic Rolls-Royce experience with them."

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Adaptations to the eighth-generation Phantom include 'light-touch' visual and aesthetic enhancements in line with client requests and feedback.

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